B R I S B A N E    O F F I C E    S U P P L I E S
Here at Office Local we endorse the use of Double A premium copy paper for many reasons:
Since 2005 Double A has been a platinum sponsor of the
National Breast Cancer Foundation.
With every ream purchased customers are contributing to a $100,000 annual donation made to the foundation by Double A.    
Because Double A paper is made from farmed trees no land clearing or logging takes place.  These farmed trees also have a profound impact on the environment by millions of tonnes of oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The Double A mill also uses excess tree waste to create biomass energy to save the use of chemicals and oil. 
 Research has shown that Double A has the least impact on the environment per ream of any paper produced around the world.
Double A paper is a premium copy paper priced reasonably against other renowned brands, making it a smart choice for any office.
 ***Buy Double A  premium copy paper here*** 

Come and check out our great new store located on the the cnr of Aquarium Ave and Lytton Rd, HEMMANT.

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